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Welcome to Robert Tolley Photography

Hello and welcome to the Robert Tolley Photography website. I am a freelance photographer, specializing in motor sport and automotive portraiture across the UK.

In the near future you will start to see my images on display at various locations mainly in and around where I live, here in Peterborough but also at motorsport events up and down the UK, and via the internet.

I will reguarly post a new blog which you can see instantly, if you subscribe to the RSS feeds, or you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


(Image by Chris Wolverson)

Published Work - Jan 2012

January's issue of Japanese Performance Magazine included two images by Robert in an article by Matt Shaw about how to get into hill climbing. You can go to the JPM website and order it as a back issue now.


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About Robert Tolley

Robert has had a keen passion for motor sports and auto shows since childhood and has combined that passion with his love of photography to put together the website you see before you.

Originally from rural Worcestershire, Robert now lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, but still travels the UK mainland to shoot a variety of motor sports, and auto shows, including hill climbs, drifting, motorcycle racing, rally-cross, hot-rod and custom, vintage and classic.

Robert photographs as much for his own enjoyment as he does for the publications he supplies images to and he is always looking for new print and digital media outlets where he can show off his work.

If you are involved with a magazine and you're looking for images for a future article, then you can email Robert at